Our roofing tiles are designed to reflect the style of traditional roof products, blending into the surrounding environment, irrespective of whether it's a contemporary, classic or modern building.

An essential element of our policy is to supply high quality roofing solutions to meet the requirements and expectations of our clientele.

We have two profiles in stock:

Classic Profile -Best Seller (New Year Special Offer Price: Ksh 680/pc)

It is currently the best seller for both residential and commercial buildings in the country. It's an eight tile, stone-coated panel pressed from a high grade of AluzincĀ® coated steel.

Because of the downturned front and the upturned rear edges, the panels have a strong overlapping and interlocking tile covering, which provides an excellent durability, protection and resistance to wind lift or other extreme weather conditions.

Designed to get the same appearance of the traditional clay roof style, with the additional benefits of steel roofing. They are available in a wide selection of colours.

Shingle Profile (New Year Special Offer Price: Ksh 720/pc)

Designed to imitate the look of traditional flat asphalt shingles, but in lightweight, low-maintenance, long-life steel without the inherent ongoing issues that many home owners face.

Our unique Shingletiles protects all fastening elements making roofs more reliable, watertight and durable than ever before.

They are available in different subtle duotone shades to enhance any exterior colour scheme

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